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How to enable syntax highlighting and auto-completion for NS-3 in Doom Emacs?

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George C. G. Barbosa
·Aug 15, 2022·

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If doom is your favorite editor and you want to work on ns-3 with doom then follow these steps:

  • Have doom emacs and ns-3 installed.

  • Make sure your init.el file has cc with lsp enabled:

(cc +lsp)
  • You will need to generate a file called compile_commands.json.

  • Depending on your version of ns-3 you might use waf or cmake for that.

  • on cmake, add the following to your cmake compilation command:

  • on waf, the document is automatically generated inside the build folder.

  • Move the compile_commands.json file to the root of your ns3 folder.

  • Enjoy your autocompletion:


  • You can use g d to jump to the definition of an identifier.
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